Pierrette MARIE

Early musical studies at her native Nice’s music academy were rewarded with a Grand Prix from the city council. At Paris’ CNSM (Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique), she studied under Noël Gallon, Olivier Messiaen and Tony Aubin, and earned first prizes in counterpoint and fugue.
Pierrette MARIE


Between 1957 and 1963, she worked as press officer for the Marguerite Long – Jacques Thibaud Competition. In 1961 she was awarded the Grand Prix de la Mélodie Française by the Union Nationale des Arts.
She wrote the first-ever book on Olivier Messiaen (Éditions Seghers, 1964), which was translated into Japanese, then another on Béla Bartok (Hachette, 1967), translated into Italian and Spanish, which was awarded the Béla Bartok medal in Budapest. In 1974, she had the privilege of publishing the first book on Henri Dutilleux (Hachette), followed by a second volume in 1988.

She teaches at Paris IV – Sorbonne, where she was given tenure in 1983 after obtaining a Certificat d’aptitude (certificate of ability) in aesthetics and music history. Despite her frequent contributions to specialist publications, she has remained a prolific composer of vocal, instrumental and symphonic works. Reading the titles of her 170 works reveals the musician’s love of poetry and Mediterranean colours, and her interest in everything to do with the mysteries of Nature.

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