Jérôme LARAN

Jérôme Laran was born in 1978 and started saxophone at the age of 9. He studied with Claude Delangle at the CNSMD in Paris. Through this article, he presents his career, his collections as well as his inspirations and musical influences.


1 – What is your background, Mr. Jérôme Laran, as a musician?

I started learning music in a musical association in Capvern in the Hautes-Pyrénées.

I then studied in the conservatories of Tarbes, Toulouse, Cergy Pontoise and then with Claude Delangle at the CNSMD in Paris. I have also collaborated with many musicians and orchestras since I turned professional.


2 - What are your inspirations and musical influences?

My influences are very diverse and varied. They range from baroque music to modern music, including Freddy Mercury! I have a particular affection for music for orchestral formation, especially during the romantic period.

3 - Can you show us your collection?

I have the pleasure of taking care of this collection since 2011 (to be verified) following a proposal from J.M Paul (Vandoren Company) and A.Cotelle. 

The collection is intended to be an extension of my favorites gleaned from encounters or my many travels. I try to give this collection an international tone with many composers from all over the world.

4 - How do you choose the music?

 There are no specific rules. It all depends on the context or the opportunities that arise... My choice is generally made with works that I know (and that I have played on stage) and whose quality and interest I can attest too musical level.

5 - What do you want to convey through this collection?

I would like the various works offered to allow as many musicians as possible to take pleasure in playing their instrument and to progress day after day. I also keep a close affiliation with the history of my instrument and the French school of the saxophone.