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Interview of Giorgio SIGNORILE

1- What is your background as a musician player?

I studied at the Cuneo Conservatory where I graduated with the maximum mark. Then I improved with Leo Brouwer and especially Betho Davezac, a true master of guitar and life. Currently I teach in a college in my city.

During the first part of my professional activity I mainly played the traditional repertoire of classical guitar. Then I devoted myself to composition, almost by chance, by “playing” with the guitar and this game became more and more important for me. I like to play my compositions, it's telling my story, living my emotions in another form.


2- Can you describe your style as a composer? What are your musical inspirations and influences?

I like to write in a "simple" and traditional way although I have played a lot of contemporary music. The language I use is tonal and is inspired by my musical universe mixing classical guitar culture, pop, jazz, ethnic and traditional music.

I have always admired the attitude of Roland Dyens, a man free from the conventions that often bind our world. The mountain also has an important place in the writing of my compositions because I often write during my hikes, being inspired by the nature that surrounds me.


3- Introduce us to your latest work Dans mon jardin... In what year did you write it?

This is a collection I wrote in the winter of 2021, almost for fun. I love writing for children and I use my students as "guinea pigs" to try out my compositions. I saw that the subject of "animals" was very appealing, especially those that live near us, at home or in our garden, and that is how these compositions were born. There are some small technical difficulties such as arpeggio, scales and expressive research with musical pleasure.